10 Instant Foods To Cut Down To Lose Weight

Most of lead extremely busy lives and when hunger pangs strike when we are busy meeting deadlines, instant food comes as a convenient choice. There are more reasons why people prefer instant foods over home-cooked meals – they are easily available, taste so good, and are inexpensive as well. It’s a reality that instant foods have become a part of our daily diet, but it’s high time we understand that these same  category of foods lead to obesity and a major factor behind so many health issues. High in fat, empty calories, transfat, sugar, different forms of added sugar, sodium – instant foods that grace supermarket aisles can be considered as shortcuts to rapid weight gain. While a lot of them promise to be “healthy,” “low in calories,” they need to be cut down to lose weight, get healthy and fit as well. Here’s the list of 10 Instant Foods To Cut Down To Lose Weight:

10 Instant Foods To Cut Down To Lose Weight

1. Instant Noodles: Devoid of nutrients, made of a whole lot of empty calories, with added flavour, preservatives, taste enhancers, instant noodles smell taste so good and cook really fast, but they need to be tossed out of your pantry right now. Also read: “50 Healthy Food Swaps That Everyone Should Absolutely Try.”
2. White Bread: Made entirely of refined flour, sugar, everything about white bread is unhealthy and it’s so “anti-weight loss” if you are starting your day with bread and jam as breakfast.
3. Bottled Coffee Drinks: Experts say coffee helps to boost metabolism with its caffeine content, but not the ones that are premade and come in bottles, notoriously high in sugar and calories. A lot of people are replacing breakfast with these bottled coffee drinks to jumpstart their day, but make no mistake, they will throw your body into calorie surplus and prevent weight loss.
4. Granola: It’s generally considered to be healthy, but this popular breakfast item, if not homemade, may have a lot of calories, sugar,  and other sweeteners. It’s better to switch to traditional Indian breakfast dishes that are full of nutrients, low in calories, and are filling at the same time. For example, idli, dosa, dhokla, poha, etc
5. Doughnuts: These smell so good! It takes a lot of will power to say no to glazy doughnuts, but this sweet treat shoots up blood sugar, and all the extra insulin makes sure the extra calories get stored up as fat.
6. Cookies/Biscuits: As Rati has mentioned in her post, a lot of people have just chai and biscuit/cookies for breakfast, and this combo can make you hungry within a short time because it’s completely devoid of nutrients and high in calories.
7. Packaged Fruit Juices: Low in fiber, with added color, preservatives, packaged fruit juices are picked by people who fall for their “healthy” tag, but they are nothing more than sugar shots.
8. Microwavable popcorn: The ones that come in microwavable packets are laced with butter, artificial flavour, high in transfat and calories, but you can have pop them out at kernels and munch on these low-calorie snacks.
9. Nuggets/Crispies: They may have high sodium, calories, and fat content, and when fried, the calories just add up a lot more during the deep frying process. Also read: “List of Healthiest Oils for Deep Frying Food.”
10. Breakfast Cereals: Though many cereal boxes claim to have fortified vitamins and minerals, most of them are high in sugar content with loads of empty calories, and cause sharp rise in insulin level, which as we all by know by now, insulin is a hormone that encourages storage of excess calories as fat in the body.

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