Foodland, a Hidden Hawaii Gem for Gifts and Souvenirs

Foodland, a Hidden Hawaii Gem for Gifts and Souvenirs

Aloha, my friend. I’m deeply enamored at the moment with Foodland market here on Oahu. It’s kinda like Whole Foods but with a local vibe.

We’ve gone three times in the last three days to pick up local snacks, drinks, sushi and pre-made bento boxes (portable to-go meals with rice, protein and a vegetable), and every single time, I swear I find something new and cool I’ve never tried before.

Case in point — a local brand of herbal teas called Shaka. I had the Lemon Lokelani Rose the other day and now I’m drooling a little just thinking it, yum!

What’s also very cool about Foodland is you can also not-so-typical gifts and souvenirs made locally. In addition to snacks and teas, you’ll also find cards, body care products, candles and more. I found them in the end caps all over the store.

A few things that caught my eye…

There are several locations all over Hawaii, so if you see one, it’s worth the time to pop in and look around.

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